The decade I spent in Japan would be the most decisive period in anyone’s life: going from being a university student to a working adult. Countless unforgettable memories and experiences enriched this time of my life, therefore Japan will always have a special place in my heart. 

Throughout my studies at Osaka University and the years I spent at work in the Tokyo area, I not only mastered the Japanese language and culture but also grew accustomed to the Japanese mentality, business culture, and ethics. Understanding the Japanese way of doing business, having extensive business connections, and possessing indispensable sectorial knowledge, along with the Japanese language skills are all necessary components for any successful business in Japan. Unwritten rules stemming from traditional culture also underline the way business is done. This might be completely unfamiliar and difficult to understand to foreign businessmen, which is another reason why advisors or consultants often support new businesses in this challenging market. Equally and for similar reasons, Japanese businessmen could also find themselves in a puzzling environment in Europe, therefore hiring a consultant well accustomed to the European business environment would also be unavoidable.

I am happy to offer my Japanese language skills, intercultural experience, and knowledge about Japanese business practices that can be easily leveraged by European companies entering the Japanese market or their Japanese counterparts penetrating the European market.


Expert services: (for inquiries, please contact me directly)

Market access advisory 

Market access advisory 

  • Search assignments (key personnel, distributors, partners)

  • Interpretation during meetings and business trips

  • Translation of business materials (e.g. presentations, marketing materials)

  • Coaching / training on inter-cultural business practices

  • Event organization

  • Company representation (as subsidiary, trade shows, meetings)

  • Export / import support

  • Investment advisory

  • Market entry strategy

  • Lead generation / business matching

  • Market research / analysis

  • Project management

  • Commercial negotiation and liaison with existing / prospective customers

Technical and business translation / interpretation

   Japanese <-> English / Japanese <-> Hungarian

  • Translation of business and technical documents

  • Interpretation at meetings, audits (e.g. JIS audit), seminars, trainings, trade shows

  • Business intelligence report – summary of internet search on specific subjects from Japanese websites

  • Document review – summary of important and relevant information from documents

  Sectorial competence

  • Economics, finance and management (e.g. economic forecasts, feasibility studies, market studies, business intelligence reports, marketing materials, financial statements)

  • Manufacturing and machinery (e.g. technical specifications and feasibility studies, installation manuals, user manuals and work instructions, maintenance and safety manuals, quality management documentation)

  • Energy and environment (e.g. technical reports, technical specifications and feasibility studies, yield assessments, quality management documentations)

  • I am also pleased to consider natural science related assignments, depending on technical complexity

  Fees and conditions

Upon request, I provide a free trial translation service to first-time clients (around 300 words in length). 


Fees do not include VAT, transportation and accommodation costs if and where applicable.
Preferred payment option is bank transfer (details available upon request), payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice.

  Selected references (a more detailed reference list is available upon request)

  • Translation of technical user / maintenance / safety manuals (electronics)

  • Review and translation of patent documentation (chemistry)

  • Business intelligence report (biotech / pharmaceutical)

  • Translation of business correspondence (export-import)

  • Interpretation during JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) audits at several European manufacturing companies (steel)

  • Interpretation at management meetings (electronics)

  • Interpretation at customer meetings and conferences (biotech / pharmaceutical)

  • Interpretation at trade shows (food / agriculture)

  • Interpretation during machinery installation and setup (tire)

  • Interpretation during internal trainings for technical operators (electronics)


  Since confidentiality is a crucial part of professional translation and interpretation assignments, I am always careful with handling clients’ 
  information and data and am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.