I’m strongly convinced that new technologies and disruptive innovation will play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of global challenges humankind is facing, such as climate change, the spread of diseases, water shortage, to name a few. The private sector leads the fight against these challenges dedicating more funding for these causes than any other sector.


My research at the House of Innovation and the European Institute of Japanese Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics focuses on innovation management frameworks and the handling of innovation failure at technology-intensive startups and mature firms, mostly from two innovation powerhouses: Sweden and Japan. Based on surveys and in-depth interviews, this comparative analysis will discuss how innovation managemet frameworks work in diffirent cultures, regions and markets and how innovation failure is managed by successful firms. I do believe there is no universal recipe for successful innovation management strategies in a global context, thus the more lessons learnt are revealed the more companies can identify, adapt and personalize their own best practices for championing innovation.


My professional mission is to act as a facilitator and “cross-pollinator” for engaging the corporate sector, public and private R&D centers and academia – especially the enormous creativity and innovation potential of students – to work together on social and technological challenges that will shape our future.


Particularly, I see great opportunities for collaboraiton in the below areas, where the next decades will bring huge leaps of development:


  • Biosciences: brain and cancer research, genetics, agro-technologies

  • ICT: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, data visualization, cloud computing

  • Energy and environment: smart cities, green buildings, renewables, fusion energy, climate change mitigation technologies

  • Transportation: autonomous vehicles, clean power sources (electric, fuel cells)

  • Space research: planet exploration, space utilization


Free sharing of information and confidentiality will be major challenges in this context but overcoming these will be an absolute necessity in international collaboration in order to gain and exploit synergies.


I would be very pleased to discuss about industry-academia-government engagement and collaboration with like-minded scholars, experts or entrepreneurs. My contact details can be found here.