My competitive advantage: It is the technology-fueled modern Japan that has fascinated me and made me decide to study in Japan. ​Throughout my studies at Osaka University and the years I spent at work in the Tokyo area, I not only mastered the Japanese language and culture but also grew accustomed to the Japanese mentality, business culture, and ethics.

​I am happy to offer my Japanese language skills, intercultural experience, and knowledge about Japanese business practices that can be easily leveraged by European companies entering the Japanese market or their Japanese counterparts penetrating the European market. More>>


My professional interest: My research at the Stockholm School of Economics focuses on the organizational aspects of successful innovation management practices at technology-intensive startups and corporations from two innovation powerhouses: Japan and Sweden. Based on surveys and in-depth interviews, this comparative analysis will discuss what management components foster and hinder the ideation and realization of innovations, what processes and practices work and do not work in certain cultures, regions, and markets. More>>


My experience: On March 11, 2011, at 14:46 JST, I was fetching papers from the printer in my office in Shin-Yokohama, when the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan’s history hit the Tohoku area (northeast part) of the country. The earthquake unleashed a powerful tsunami that killed thousands of people and crippled the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The latter accident meant the beginning of the end of our life in Japan.

​​These events changed our lives forever and I felt obliged to put our story on paper, primarily for my daughter, Lily, who will be seeking answers about her Japanese roots in the near future. More>>